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The great Krakow city

Info about newsworthy Krakow places

Go and visit Ojcow National Park.
Ojcow National ParkAbout sixteen kilometers far off from Krakow, Ojcow National Park is placed in the Jurrasic Krakow Częstochowa lowland. Although it’s one among the tiniest Polish green regions, the beauty of its scenery can't be overappreciated.

The park's marvelous untouched surrounding attracts many tourists every year. One can also watch in that place incredibly huge limestone stones, for example the famous “Hercules’ Budgeon’. Those who choose caves' exploration or green areas would also encounter something interesting inside Ojcow National Park.

You might see many impressive caves and some other fascinating corners inside Ojcow National Park as well as view extraordinary organisms suchlike hawks, woodpeckers or kingfishers. Remember also to travel to the wonderful Pieskowa Skala Castle once you’re in Ojcow National Park.

View Tatra mountains
TatrasCreating the highest mountains in the Carpathian Mountains area, Tatra Mountains are located in the locality the Polish boundary line with Slovak Republic. Its tallest mountain top in Slovak Republic, Gerlach, is 2655 meters high and Polish Rysy reach out 2499 meters over the sea level. The whole mountain chain extends on more than fifty kilometers.

The region is especiallextremely touristy amid holidaymakers who also go for near Zakopane town. The splendid landscape, fresh setting but also fantastic skiing and climbing foundation are what makes this region so unique. Whatever your preferences are, in Tatra Mountains holidaymakers may besides walk, go for a cycle, paraglide or choose any other activity you prefers.

Don’t forget to come across wonderful water reservoir ‘Morskie Oko’ (‘Sea Eye’) as you’re in the neighborhood. Some other must-see in Tatras is Kasprowy Peak where one may take a cable car and delight great number of marvellous views. Come to the This fantastic Tatra mountains and take advantage of the numerous attractions it gives!

Krakow Balice and Pyrzowice airports
krakow airport to krakow Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice are 2 of the most significant airports in the state.
Just Wroclaw, Gdansk, and definitely Warsaw are more important.

Several large international carriers use Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice airport. Especially Ryan Air possesses an outstanding amount of connections between Krakow and other places. People recommend the cheapest connections with the United Kingdom since loads of Polish national live there.

Strongly advisable are inexpensive connections with Birmingham or Liverpool. Believe me or not, but buying a return ticket from the UK to Balice airport for only 100zl is an absolute occasion. However, it is important to say, that the airport has got a dangerous opponent – Katowice Pyrzowice. These airports are well accessible for travellers it is critical to mention that commonly people definitely prefer private Krakow airport transfers for way to arrive there.

Therefore, it is right to say that both Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice airports have a very promising future. Sooner or later they are going to become important places on the map for the passengers in this part of the continent. Thus, I absolutely recommend using both airports while travelling.

Gorge of Dunajec - the biggest attraction in Pieniny National Park.
dunajec gorgeNamed as the jewel of Pieniny Mountains, Dunajec Gorge is the amazing area you simply have to come across as you're travelling to Poland. It is settled on the south of Poland and on the north of Slovakia. Dunajec gorge makes the basis for the Dunajec River that you may sail on. Dunajce gorge makes 7 loops and is surrounded by very towering limestone and dolomite rocks.

sailing on the woody canoes you may discover the unspoiled beauty of the Gorge’s nature – endemic flora and rare fauna. Thus, you would have great delight as well as activity. The rafting trip also is about watching other interesting places suchlike historical castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

The 2h adventure will give you the chance to making beautiful pictures of the spectacular landscape. Don’t miss this possibility to see such impressive region, set also on UNESCO’s heritage List of World Heritage Sites in Poland!

Saltworks museum in Wieliczka: follow the mining history.
wieliczka salt minesCould you think of the most immense exhibition of salt production in Europe? One of them may be found not far away from Krakow district inside Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was settled in 1951 and it may be found inside the non-active location in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

the collections will guide you through not only the Wieliczka town beginnings, but mainly the captivating, interesting changes in mining technology and industry. Currently two galleries are open. They are set under and above the ground.

One of them, which is also the largest subsurface museumin Europe, can be found 135m beneath the surface. The other you would come across in stylish Saltworks Castle. This lovely scenery for sure will enchant and fascinate even the most demanding ones!
Don’t hesitate and let's take a walk along the past with Polish miners in Wieliczka Salt Mine!

For most comfortable journey to see mine are organized professional Wieliczka salt mine tour.

Katowice airport in Pyrzowice
airport transfers krakow Katowice regional airport is 3rd in Poland in terms of general amount of users. Katowice airport is situated near the town called Pyrzowice, about 30km to the Katowice’s city centre. It’s got 2 terminals that can service over 3,5 million passengers per year. In 2003 Katowice’s airport became a business partner of the inexpensive airlines. Thanks to that, the number of international connections has increased diametrically.

There are 2 definitely positive facts about Pyrzowice airport – it’s got the most charter flights in Poland and, at the same time, it can be treated as the quickest developing airport in the country. Wizz Air, the Hungarian company, has got the most connections with Pyrzowice airport. The are trying to increase the standard of travelling by providing Katowice airport transfers to other places in Poland.

Hopefully the most significant improvement is going to be a direct railway between Katowice and Pyrzowice.The entire transport in the South Poland can improve thank to this 24km connection.

Adore Crystal caves reserve in Salt Mine Wieliczka.
wieliczka salt mineThe Crystal Caves Nature Reserve is settled in the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the vastest as well as most original mines among Europe. people are allowed to appreciate the display after going down 70-114 meters depth belowground. The collection boasts mainly the impressive pieces of halite crystals.

Their unusual surface and impressive visual aspect will without any doubt will acquire vast admiration. Besides you can discover there plenty of some other spectacular crystal pieces of various shapes. Let’s come and enjoy the immaculate charm of these crystal objects after finishing the visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

When you are about to discover this attraction the most convenient solution are privately realized Wieliczka Salt Mine tours.

Wieliczka - the Subterranean Salt Cathedral of Poland
wieliczka toursOne of the most popular tourist place in Poland. Visited by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world. Not only a prominent historic monument but also UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1978. What are we talking about? Evidently, it is Wieliczka Salt Mine. That monument located in the southern part of Poland lies not so far from one of the largest agglomeration in Poland – Krakow.

The noteworthy curiosity about Wieliczka Salt Mine is that the spot placed near a small little town, village under the same name has opened in the 13th century. We can enquire from many books that Wieliczka is the oldest manufacture of such type and one of the oldest still running business from the Middle Ages - not only in the country but also in the whole Europe. At present the mine accumulate both broad tradition and up-to-dateness.

Tourists coming to Wieliczka have possibility to become familiar with the activity of mining kitchen salt and become familiar with a big underground infrastructure. Wieliczka Salt Mine is also important for employees who have mined there and their relations.

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